Behind the scenes


VA The recording took place in May and September 2019 over 3 days for each session ! We can never thank enough the people who gave us this ideal place with a view of all the Pyrenees and total freedom to record. We shared the pieces with Antonina, while Cédric recorded about 120 pieces. His nickname is “Magic Ced”!
Cédric is a very complete, very extensive musician, he is a born accompanist! He has all the qualities necessary: listening, empathy, how to grasp the person, finding the right tempo. Nobody catches up as fast as he does and he saves you from all situations. It was a no brainer to offer him this project!

AZ For the sound recording, I am lucky to have a husband who is passionate about microphones and our project : Renato Kamhi is a violinist and a violin teacher too. He spent the 2 sessions with us and made a beautiful, very natural sounding recording. We bought ourselves a good camera. Cédric pressed 600 times on the remote control!

VA Editing videos? Antonina does it all! When we say editing it is the credits, the insertion of photos, the titles but our choice is to record in a single take.
AZ Since we do everything ourselves, that is 100% us.



VA You must know that I have several feathers in my cap since I have also been mime for the last fifteen years. All this creativity developed in mime was introduced in our videos since we had the idea to illustrate each piece with an accessory, a staging or a poetic wink.

I could have introduced more mime … but I must not get off track. What we have done concerns the cello, the pedagogy. It’s serious. The idea of accessories is just to bring a little touch, I would say with good taste, just enough to develop the imagination of children.
On the other hand if you look at Waggon Wheels, I go a little further !!!

We talked a lot in order to develop the project. It was not so much about rehearsing the pieces, but to understand what we wanted and especially what we did not want. To fix the essential background, fundamental to the project, what we wanted to emerge from all this.
We wanted to do something very joyful but not conventional. Basically all three of us are devoted musicians. We like the style, we like the real interpretations, we are very demanding of ourselves.