Unanimously with Congratulations !!!

I saw the video presentation and some pieces: BRAVO! WELL DONE ! WELL DONE !
I subscribed right away.
Excellent initiative !! What a great idea! So thank you for this generous and poetic sharing and congratulations again for all the work!

B. G.

Hats off and thanks to the team, and very happy and amazed at this « tour de force »!

P. A.

I of course loved watching your new series on cello « follies » !! It’s a great idea that testifies to your imagination and your talent and which I appreciate the fun side of living pedagogy (I love it!)

P. M.

So cool, so real, so varied, clever, creative, fun – in fact, exactly what we need today. It’s great that there are such authentic and living things in a world that is so often artificial!


A great idea and project! Which is interesting to musicians.Wonderful music, great performance and an atmosphere of creativity in every video !
I highly recommend this channel and these amazing musicians!


A fabulous resource both for teachers and budding musicians. The sound and the camera are of excellent quality and the pieces are beautifully presented. My young musicians are always with a grin at the sight of costumes and the toys that fill the decor. Thank you for sharing the secrets of your dazzling musicianship. You have surely inspired a few kids this side of the Channel to start cello and persevere practice of their instruments. Music breaks all the language barriers!


Absolutely marvelous! Thank you for this, beautiful playing and a joyful and play(!)-ful approach. You inspire me and my students.


Very useful and well-demonstrated! Thank you for doing this! A real service to the community.


Thanks thanks ! it will surely reveal vocations!

F. S.

What a wonderful idea, it makes me want to get started. I’m passing on the info.

F. B.

A huge congratulations for the superb “Cello Kids” channel, full of poetry that we rarely meet anymore … What invaluable work you have done!

L. G.

Great, great bravo.

J. D.

Thank you and congratulations!
Except that … I can’t subscribe 😥. I will have to wait for the assistance of one of my children this evening …In any case, what I could see is very good!

G. C. W.

It looks great ! I’m going to go look with pleasure and I’ve already talked about it around me.

C. E.

Well done ! Dear Valérie! I remember the time not so long ago when you weren’t using the Internet!

A. B.

Delighted to learn the official date for the launch of this great channel !! My pupils and the other teachers of the Jaroussky Academy will benefit from it I hope.

C. L.

Wow! THAT’s a bomb! What a wonderful job! BRAVO 👏

T. D.

Thank you very much for sending me this info, it looks really superb!

I. J.

Long live Cello Kids! Well done again.

H. C.

Bravo for this beautiful initiative on the cello, this superb instrument.

M. C.

Bravo for this beautiful project !! And I really like small accessories! 😊

M. B.

Very good ! Well done !

E. M. C.

A huge congratulations !!!!! Your channel is a great gift for young cellists! Thank you thank you thank you 🤗🤗🤗🤗

V. I.

Wow! Bravissimo to the whole team and long life to Cello Kids!

B. S.

Well done for Cello Kids. Your energy is rewarded!

E. V.S.

I love what you did!

C. L.

Well done Valérie for your Cello Kids channel !!
What a good idea … The students will enjoy.

C. Z.

Bravo for this initiative (which I knew) which is called to a bright future.

S. C.

Very nice initiative (full of humor and liveliness) Have fun!

C. A.

Well done Valérie! It’s great for our students ….Like that, they have an example to follow, it’s really an excellent achievement. I had the idea to do it a few years ago, but I never found the courage!

A.C. M.

BRAVISSIMO !!! What a great initiative!

C. T.

It’s a real concert this YouTube channel, what generosity, thank you again!

C. N.

Magnificent project !! I agree !!!!

M. B.

Many cheers for this delightful initiative! 👏🎉 I will use and abuse it …


I love it !!!!! What a great idea !!!!!
Very cool. … Delightful and colorful imagination with great intelligence and seriousness !!!
Bravo to your brilliant team! I laughed ! Thanks to you I will be able to vary my repertoire, learn and learn again, exchange! In short ! What a job !

E. B.

Superb! I liked it a lot and laughed a lot. It makes you want to play the cello.

J. M.

Awesome !!! Very very very nice! What a wonderful playing…
And so, the green boa really suits you! And above all .. above all .. revelation: yellow wig for you and red boa for Cédric .. what a duo !!! BRAVOOOOOOOOOO !!!

P. K.

The videos are very cool with a few decorative or illustrative elements.
You are preparing a great database for all of our budding cellists. We are entering a new era!
That of the little « Aimardian » cellists!

L. D.

Excellent initiative! Well done .

F. G.

Eh…. it’s just great … and we’re a “fan”!

B. S.

Very nice initiative to have created this Youtube channel and congratulations for having already won 500 listeners in such a short time!

H. T.

Great Valérie, congratulations to you three, it’s great, I love it !!!
Again a thousand congratulations, it’s top top top !!!
I look forward to seeing more!

M.T. G.

Well done !! It is a very beautiful project and moreover so precious for our young cellists !!

M.P. M.

Well done !!!!!! All in « finesse » and poetry ….
Can we already share? I can’t wait to see everything !!

J. T.

Thanks for the videos! They are really great. …… of course I listened to them, watched them, each to the end! I frankly laughed and then it’s too good … !!
This will be clearly precious! Look forward to discovering the others!

S. N.

A delight !! Perfect accessories! An “olé” of anthology!
Soon a must on YouTube!

F. L.

Bravo for your work, it’s amazing! The result is magnificent, and the small productions are full of spirit; sobriety, humor, efficiency! Have you planned a truck for accessories and clothes…?
I think it will be a success! I can’t wait to see the following …

T. V.

Congratulations! That’s great !
You enjoyed so much , I suppose …

B. B.

Great !!!!! 👍but ……. we don’t see enough of Cédric’s mustache !! 😂
Good me, I love the small accessories and the musical content!
We are going to open a fan club, the students will love it !

M. H. B.